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The day before I was born my mom and dad had a fight if I was a digimon or not. Right after I came out of my mom I found some claws on my hands. My parents named me Guilmon. I was big and round and breathed fire. They put me in an adoption house because I kept on burning things. After my 2nd birthday I saw a guy with goggles. He said what a! He paid 100 bucks even though I was just 5, picked up a BIG bucket to put me in, and ran out the door. When he got home I made a mess. He said what an ugly! Then I said I'm not a monster I'm a digital monster. The boy with goggles said I'm a digimon tamer! ( the boy with goggles is Takato) A couple years later Guilmon grew up to be a.................big monster! Takato and Guilmon lived happily ever after.

By: Tiffany