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Once upon a time Joanne was playing Barney flash games on the computer. Then she said "I wish I could be Barney`s girlfriend" Then a thought came into her mind. What if I jump into the computer and ask Barney out! She took a few steps backward. "AHH YEAW YEAW!" She hit her head on the computer and a whole new island appeared on her head. She fell unconscious.
All of a sudden Barney comes in the room. He takes her to the hospital. When she woke up she whispered "my hero." Then Barney sweared and cussed at her for being so naive for thinking that she could actually be his girlfriend. "your not worthy of being with me you stupid poo poo face!" said Barney. He walks out of the room. Joanne jumps out of bed and starts crying.

"Maybe I`m too ugly she thought." So she visited the face morphing place to get a nicer face. "Sorry, we can`t help you. your face is just too ugly for us to make beautiful. Come back later when your eyes change....and nose.....and mouth... and hair...and ears(keeps mentioning things she can improve on)etc." So she went off to find Barney. She threatened to kill him if she couldn`t be with him.

Then all of his agents cuffed her and took her to the police. She was sentenced to a lifetime and beyond in prison for threatening Barney. Barney is the one who taught the kids how to count. One of the policemen started counting. "1...2...4...11..." Then Joanne said, "Thats not how you count!" "5...84...2...6...15" Then all the policemen got mad and shot her in the head. The End