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one day a gurl named joanne (uggh wut an ugly name), the age of 11, wanted to be on a tv show called seasame street. She thought that this would make her popular, so she uncontrollably non-stop sended letters to the broadcasting protesting that she should be on the show, day after day, she chanted in front of the building. This made her look sssooooo stupid AND this only made the kids at school think she is a nerd. (actually she was already one)Big Bird finally got so annoyed of this and let her on the show.

On the day of the show, joanne was always trying to be in the center of attention. " Wow, guess what! Guess what!I kno my numbers!", she screamed, " 1, 6, g, e, =, etc." everytyme that big bird went to go say sumthing, she would always inturupt him. Finally, after half an hour of the show, big bird couldnt stand her anymore. "GET OUTTA HERE, UR UGLY, ANNOYIN, and TOTALLY STUPID!!!!"joanne started crying, and crying, and crying, ssssooooo loud that the town could hear it. big bird called the C.K.P ( crying kids police) and the police took her away, beheaded her, and threw her body to alligators for a afternoon snack.