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While I was visiting the site, and I was looking around and reading all the things why everyone hated Joanne. Then suddenly a thought came over my mind. "Hmm...what if Joanne had known about the site, found how to get in and read everything in it, some people would be scared, some really angry and some who might really not care. But what if?" I think she would act differently to all the people who hate her and beg on her knees, (well, maybe not on her knees) to get some respect for herself. Some people might feel sorry for her but I think people would think "OMG, what a bitch, stop acting like a smartass", they would eventually say NO. But if Joanne did ever come, the earth will never turn again, we just NEED to hate her or else we would all die out of her retardedness. So plz, plz, PLZ! don't tell Joanne, she is just a deformed cow that NEEDS to be hated!