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There once was this child named Cow. Everybody hated her so much. When she gets near anything living they either just leave, get ill, or die, which got her new nickname, "Living Repelent". So Cow got adopted by some zonbies, since she was just a baby she didn't care. When Cow was old enough to go to school she went to St. Francis Xavier Elementary. The people at the school knew nothing about her unusualness until she was in grade 6. At first everyone thought she was just a great and perfect A+ student, but she cheated. She cheated by copying other people's work, and for bossing people around in group activities. That's how it started. Some girls were beginning to hate her and think she was very ugly. So they told everyone they knew about her and asked them if they hated her too, most of them answered YES. Well of course everyone hates her, but this is the end of my story. Oh yes, are you wondering why everyone hated Cow, just when she was a baby? Well, she was actually born a real cow and was taken by some scienctists for experimenting. But their experiment failed. They meant to transform Cow into a human but was actually just deformed. Its face didn't go well and her brain was still the same, a cow brain. But then, why was Cow so smart? It was because of the zombies. The zombies were also experiments, they were actually great philosophers, inventors and explorers that were willing to raise baby cow. Cow was just so demented, that her presense made every living thing feel weird, just like her.