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once upon a time in a far away land named teletubbie land out of no where a ugly gurl dropped from da sky. po came outside to see the gurl. she's like potty, potty, poooooooo. joanne said wut da hell u talkin bout? i dunt understand ur dunt language. po's feelin were hurt and then tinky-winky came out he said po wuts da matter? then po said this gurly gaylord said sumthin bad. tinky winky took his purse and wacked joanne. joanne started cryin. dipsy came out and said who's that? tinky-winky said the gurl who po said is a gaylord cuz she hurt her feelins. waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! joanne cried. then lala came out. then she's like who's that ugly gurl? po said a gaylord. then they decided to beat up joanne cuz she been rude to teletubbies. and children from evrywhere poped out and said u joanne dunt make fun of teletubbies. joanne said they're ido freaks. then teletubies turn bergande and lala took her ball and scwooshed her. dipsy took his hat and cut her neck off and po ran over joanne with her scooter and lala took her ball and tossed all da body parts of joanne up and they disappeared. the end